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Omeed Somekhian, Last week

I've been a Tucker's customer for a couple of years now, they've always been great about system maintenance and the occasional repair. It was finally time for a new AC and Furnace, and they did a really great job all around. Pricing was market competitive for the equipment we were buying and the cost of labor. The team as well did a really great job; a good clean install, and they took care to keep the house clean - prepping the floors with drop cloths and plastic mats. They even did a pre-visit before to make everything fits everywhere so we avoided any awkward problems getting through doors, etc...

Christian Guardado, Julio Marquez, Alexi, and Chris Snyder were really great to work with, and they kept me informed every step of the way, while showing care and respect for my home.

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Gina Eversole-Cain, This month

Our air conditioning went out Monday and they came out the same day and resolved our problem in about an hour. Thank you!

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Dustin Lavelle, This month
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Patrick Staley, This month

Shawn arrived on time ,checked system out did a excellent job with the system, and advised me on how to do some of the mataince

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Donna Jervey, Last month

Very professional and job completed on time! Would definitely recommend!

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