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Air Conditioning Solutions: Why Go Ductless?

As summer approaches, homeowners are already thinking of ways they can more efficiently cool their homes. While we cannot control the energy costs, we can help you improve the energy efficiency of your home. We offer comprehensive air conditioning solutions, including the latest ductless mini split models. If you’re looking for an alternative to central air conditioning, then a ductless mini split system might be your ticket to better cooling performance this summer. For more information about the new systems you can get in Rockville, MD, call Tucker’s Air Conditioning & Heating today!

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should go ductless this summer:

  • No ducts. Ductwork not only requires repairs and maintenance, but given high moisture conditions, it can attract microbial growth and reduce air quality. Ducts can also account for significant amount of energy loss, especially when the develop cracks or air leaks. For homeowners with allergies, ducts often transmit airborne allergens, unless properly filtered. In short, it’s another system to worry about in your house. A ductless mini split system, on the other hand, uses no ducts to distribute its air, but rather relies on a regular outdoor condenser/compressor unit, and indoor air handlers, which hang high on the wall.
  • Efficiency. Ductless systems are more efficient for two major reasons: first, they tend to be more energy-efficient, and this leads to greater savings; and second, you can customize the zones of your home by using multiple units. This gives you a much greater control over how your home is cooled during the summer.
  • Quiet operation. Ductless mini splits are known not only for their sleek design, but also for their comparatively quiet operation. While the relatively louder parts of the AC system housed in the outdoor unit, the interior air handlers often surprise homeowners who hadn’t realized they were even on.

The ductless mini split AC is not only an alternative system, but also an excellent air conditioning solution in its own right. For homeowners considering switching to ductless, or for those who are looking for innovative cooling performance, contact an air conditioning specialist at Tucker’s Air Conditioning & Heating  at  301-670-0034 today!


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