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What’s Wrong With Your Compressor?


Your compressor is housed in the outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioner. This part of your air conditioning system is pretty important to the process of keeping you cool even if it isn’t responsible for directly cooling air. So when something goes wrong with your compressor, it is going to become apparent to you pretty quickly.

Even if you don’t realize the problem with your air conditioning system lies with a faulty compressor, you will want to reach out to a professional to check things out when something is up with your AC unit. We can figure out what is wrong with your compressor or any other part of your system and get it repaired so you can enjoy a comfortable home again.

The Role of Your Compressor

To be specific, let’s take a moment to discuss what your compressor does and why one that is having problems is such a big problem!

A compressor can be thought of as the heart of your air conditioner. It is responsible for compressing your refrigerant and pumping it through the system so it can absorb and release heat. If something goes wrong with the compressor, your refrigerant might not be compressed correctly, hindering this cooling process or even stopping it completely.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Compressor

If your compressor is housed in that big condenser box outside, you might not think it can run into much trouble. The truth is that this part of your system can still run into an issue or two. Here are some things that can cause trouble for your compressor:

  • Wiring trouble: Your air conditioner has a lot of components that are powered by electricity and your compressor is no different. If the wiring connected to the compressor has worn out or is starting to break down, it can impact the compressor’s ability to do its job.
  • A refrigerant leak: Your compressor needs enough refrigerant to compress to expel heat out of it and help it continue its cycle through your system. If there is a refrigerant leak, however, this can lower the pressure and cause problems for your compressor as it won’t be able to properly do its job.
  • Old age: Age can and will take its toll on every part of your AC unit including your compressor. If you have an aging AC unit and the compressor isn’t doing its job it may be because it is simply too old to function anymore. In this case, you’re probably looking at a system replacement.

When Something Is Wrong with Your AC, Call Us

Whether you are having trouble with your compressor, your evaporator coil, or some other part of your system, you’ll need a professional technician to help you out. Only a pro will be able to properly diagnose what is wrong with your AC unit and get it repaired or walk you through the steps of a replacement.

Contact Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to schedule your next AC repair in Frederick, MD. We provide Your Whole House Approach to comfort with hassle-free service.

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