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How Often Do You Really Need Plumbing Services? Let’s Answer That


Your plumbing is out of sight, out of mind until something breaks. You know what’s better than getting a broken pipe fixed or a plumbing problem resolved? Not having to encounter one in the first place.

Preventative maintenance should always be the first step, especially when it comes to plumbing. Dealing with water damage because of failed plumbing services is no joke.

With plumbing service in Frederick, MD, you can stay on top of your plumbing problems before they happen. You can’t avoid every potential piping problem, but you can prevent most plumbing issues and continue living your life. Let’s explain how.

One Inspection Every Two Years

Your home plumbing system should be inspected once every two years to ensure there are no leaks, corrosion, or damages that could result in imminent breakdown.

However, some plumbers will tell you that it depends on the age of your home (and therefore, the age of your pipes). Homes that are over 40 years old that haven’t undergone any repiping may benefit from more frequent inspections.

Even with that in mind, annual inspections should suffice for older plumbing systems. It’s just good to keep an eye on an aged system to look out for potential failures.

Annual Plumbing Maintenance Appointments

Your plumbing should be serviced by a technician once per year to help ensure everything is in working order. During annual inspections, plumbers will check for:

  • Signs of Water Damage: This is a part of inspection that happens during maintenance appointments. Technicians will ensure there’s no water leaks damaging your property.
  • Checking for Signs of Corrosion: Some pipe materials corrode. That leads to leaks, damages, and a failure in your plumbing system. Your plumbing system needs a certain level of water pressure to operate, and corrosion can threaten that.
  • Drain Cleaning: Your drains hold on to a lot of gunk. Drain blocks build up over time and can lead to problems. Drain cleaning is an excellent preventative measure.
  • Verifying Water Pressure: Plumbing relies on good water pressure. Without it, the system doesn’t work. Technicians will ensure you have the right level of pressure.
  • Pressure Tests: Hairline pipe fractures are hard to spot, but pressure tests help locate them so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

This is just a handful of the tasks performed during maintenance appointments. The goal is to ensure your plumbing system is as efficient as possible, undamaged, and that there are no leaks causing an uptick in water bills.

Beyond the system itself, maintenance calls help prevent water-based property damage that you may not be able to see right away. Water damage can easily rack up five figures worth of repairs: it’s important to stay on top of all possible water sources in your home.

Before It’s Too Late

Let’s get one step ahead of your eventual plumbing problems. Whether it’s a plumbing inspection every two years or annual maintenance, it’s important to have a plumbing team on your side who knows their craft like the back of their hand. Let’s keep you comfortable.

Contact Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today to schedule your next appointment for plumbing services.

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