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Yes, An Air Conditioning System Can Be Too Powerful

Monday, August 26th, 2019

During an air conditioning system installation, one of the vital steps our HVAC professionals take is to size the new AC. This doesn’t have anything to do with the physical space the unit takes up. It’s about the cooling capacity of the new system. It’s important for an air conditioner to have the right cooling capacity (i.e. “size”) to match the cooling requirements of the house. It must be neither undersized or oversized.

It’s simple to understand why an undersized air conditioner is bad news. An AC that doesn’t have enough cooling capacity to keep up with the comfort needs of a house will run constantly and still not be able to provide sufficient comfort.

It’s tougher to understand how an air conditioner can be too powerful. After all, why not err on the side of too much cooling? The house may need the extra power in an emergency, and at other times the AC can be turned down.

The truth is that an air conditioner that’s too powerful causes as many problems as one that’s underpowered.

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Is It Too Late in Summer to Get a New Air Conditioner?

Monday, July 15th, 2019

July is when the peak heat of summer arrives. But that doesn’t mean everything immediately cools down in August and September. This means it’s certainly not too late to have a new air conditioning system installation in Frederick, MD to replace an AC that isn’t handling the heat.

In fact, it’s never too late at any time of the year to have a new AC. Many people choose to have new air conditioning installation in the fall, when it’s easy to schedule the service and they don’t need to worry about going without cooling for a few hours. And if an old air conditioning system is dying, then the right time to have a new one installed is now. The only time when it’s “too late” is when you wait, since it puts you at a higher risk of getting trapped with a completely busted AC.

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How Important Is Efficiency for a New AC Installation?

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Efficiency in an air conditioner is a simple concept to describe—but it’s far less simple to explain when it comes to how efficiency affects your overall choice of system for an AC installation in Frederick, MD. The details of air conditioner efficiencies can get complex.

But the simple part first: the efficiency of an air conditioner is how well it converts the incoming power (electricity) into outgoing cool air. The more efficient the AC, the less electricity goes to waste in the process of removing heat from a space’s air to cool it.

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Options If You Need a New AC Before Summer

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Is your home ready for the first true day of summer heat—whenever that may be? We can help see that your current system is in top shape with routine maintenance or air conditioning repair in Rockville, MD.

But repairs and maintenance may no longer be enough. This spring might be when you replace an aging AC that drains too much power and costs too much in repairs. If it looks like it’s time for a new AC (and our technicians can always help you make this choice if you’re unsure), you have several options for a new unit.

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What Happens if Your Air Conditioner is the Wrong Size

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Just because an air conditioner can physically fit into a space in your home, doesn’t mean that it’s actually sized properly to service it. The size of an air conditioner has a big effect on how efficient it is, along with a lot of other factors. If you install an air conditioner that is not sized properly for your home, you are setting yourself up for a whole range of problems down the road. Let’s take a look at what happens if your air conditioner is not properly sized.

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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Monday, March 14th, 2016

The days are already starting to get warmer, and summer is not far off. Now is the time to get your home ready for the warmest months of the year, and part of that is making sure that your air conditioning system is up to the task. If it isn’t, it’s best that you replace it now. You don’t want your AC breaking down on you in the middle of a hot summer day, after all. Read on to find out whether or not you should replace your air conditioner this spring.

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3 Things to Consider With a New Air Conditioner

Friday, June 6th, 2014

No one wants to consider buying a new air conditioner, but sooner or later, your old unit is bound to give up the ghost. You can delay the day with regular maintenance and similar care, however, and when the time arrives to install a new system, you can apply that same thoughtfulness in selecting a new model. When it comes to air conditioning installation, Bethesda, MD residents have a number of professional services they can count on for good advice.  Here are 3 things to consider with a new air conditioner, things you should be sure and discuss with your technician beforehand.

  • SEER Rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it measures how efficient your system is. The higher the rating, the more energy your system will apply directly to cooling your home. Ideally, you should pick up a system with a SEER rating higher than your existing system, and in any case you should select the most efficient system within your budget.
  • Power load. Every air conditioning unit is designed to support a certain power load, which needs to match your space precisely. Too little power and the AC won’t cool your home. Too much and it will cycle on and off rapidly, costing you energy and unnecessary strain in the process. You need a system that is balanced against the square footage in your home, as well as other factors like insulation and sunlight exposure. Proper calculations on this front could save you hundreds of dollars a year in saved energy.
  • Upgrades. A new system is an ideal time to add energy-saving upgrades to your system, such as zone control systems that let you shut of cool air to parts of the house you aren’t using.

You need to consider things like these in relation to your budget and to the needs of your home. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help guide you through your new air conditioning installation in Bethesda, MD, you have an ideal service in Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We have the skills and experience to help you right sand install the right system for you, so give us a call today!

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What to Consider Before Your Air Conditioning Installation

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Do you need a new AC before the heat and humidity of summer officially arrive? Are you concerned about the frequent repairs and age of your current AC? There are many reasons to call for professional Rockville, MD air conditioning installation services. But whether you need a comprehensive cooling solution for your new build or a replacement of your current system, you need to consider a few things before your installation begins. In today’s post, our techs would like to share with you a handful of such things. Most importantly, however, you need to ensure that you’re entrusting the future of your home comfort with an HVAC expert.

  • Type: Among the various decisions you’ll have to make in consultation with your AC contractor is what type of system to install. If you’d merely like to replace your system with the same type you had before, then this shouldn’t really be an issue. But if you’re looking to improve your home, then you might want to consider something a bit different. If you have ductwork and previously had central air, you might want to take advantage of the year-round comfort of a heat pump. Or, if you’re looking to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, you might wish to avoid your ductwork entirely with a ductless split air conditioning.
  • Size: Bigger is not always better, when it comes to your air conditioner. Your AC needs to be properly matched to your home in terms of cooling output. If your AC is too small, it will overwork itself and become energy inefficient. On the other hand, if it is too large, then it will frequently turn on and off, and you won’t be able to accurately control the temperature. It will also suffer from increased wear and tear.
  • Options: You may also want to improve energy efficiency and climate control with a digital, programmable thermostat or a zone control system. Both of these cost-effective options can help your new AC achieve even better performance and energy efficiency.

Call Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating today for thorough Rockville, MD air conditioning installation services.

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Air Conditioning Question: Why Install a Ductless Air Conditioner?

Monday, August 20th, 2012

If you are in the market for a new AC system, ductless air conditioners are a great option.  The benefits of ductless air conditioning systems are many, and the AC experts at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating want to help you understand these benefits.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless air conditioners offer flexible zoning options, high energy efficiency, a variety of design options, and reduced operating noise.

Easy zoning capability allows you to individually maintain temperatures in zones throughout a building. The outdoor compressor unit connects to multiple indoor air handling units.  Each of the indoor units can be placed in different sections or rooms of a building, allowing for each specific zone to have its own unique temperature settings.

By utilizing a zone control system, ductless air conditioners can make your cooling practices more energy efficient.  Run the air conditioning only in rooms which are in use, rather than cooling an entire building in which only one or two rooms may be occupied.  Unnecessary cooling of unused spaces accounts for a lot of energy waste, and by eliminating this you can save not only energy but money as well.  Without the use of duct systems, which can be quite inefficient if they are not maintained, you eliminate the heat loss associated with them and can save even more energy.

Indoor air handling units on ductless air conditioning systems can be installed in a variety of places and this can make them easier to incorporate into any given room’s design.  They can use inconspicuous covers or be mounted flush to the ceiling or wall to avoid being an eyesore.

The noisiest components of a ductless AC system are kept outside, and there is no air being forced through ductwork.  This means that the indoor units are quieter, using a nearly silent evaporator and fan to blow the cooled air, and thus offering a cooled space without the noise associated with other types of air conditioners.

Ductless systems not only cool the air, they can heat it as well.  This means that with the installation of one single system, you are able to enjoy year-round indoor comfort.  You don’t have to worry about installing an additional heating system.

The AC technicians at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating work with ductless air conditioners every day and can help you with your ductless AC installation in a quick and efficient manner. If you’re in the Germantown area and need AC service, call Tuckers today at 301-670-0034!

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AC Question: What is the Difference Between Duct and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Monday, June 18th, 2012

If you are going to buy a new air conditioning system in Gaithersburg, you have a few different options. Today, both ductless and duct air conditioning systems are available, and they each of their own benefits that might make them the right solution for your home depending on your specific needs.

Ductless systems have recently grown in popularity for a number of reasons. They are more energy efficient than central air conditioning systems, and they have none of the energy loss that usually occurs when you use ducts to transport conditioned air. Their installation is also usually much easier than a forced air system because you don’t need to install ductwork, which can be a lengthy process.

Ductless systems use a conduit to connect the indoor air handlers to the outdoor unit. Connecting the indoor components only requires a small hole to be made in your wall. Ductless systems are easy to zone with multiple indoor units, and they can be used to bring air conditioning to parts of the home it would be difficult for ducts to reach.  All of the indoor units can be connected to the same outdoor compressor, and they can be controlled individually by different thermostats. Zoning your air conditioning can help you save energy and make your home more comfortable.

A central air conditioning system also has indoor and outdoor components. Ductwork distributes cool, air conditioned air throughout your home and it’s a great option for many home that already have ducts in place. The ducts are hidden, so unlike ductless systems, you usually can’t see the indoor components.  Central air conditioners come in many different sizes and energy efficiencies, so they usually present the most options for homeowners to choose from. Central air conditioning systems can also be zoned with dampers to divert the air through the ducts to where is it needed most.

Both central air conditioning and ductless systems can keep your home cool and comfortable this summer. Which one is right for you depends on your current system, your budget, and your personal preference. Call Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating today at 301-670-0034 if you would like to learn more about which type of system would be right for your home.

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