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Geothermal Question: How Often Should I Have My Geothermal System Checked?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of geothermal systems in Bethesda is that they require very little maintenance. They have few mechanical components and heating mechanisms, and most of these components are underground. That means the components are guarded from the type of wear and tear that can be caused by external elements, and so they can be expected to last for 20 years or more.

However, though these elements are long lasting and durable, they may require a check and some maintenance work every now and then. This is essential to keep the geothermal system working at its best efficiency level. Once these systems begin to lose efficiency, the cost of running them goes up, and it can get quite high over time if not addressed. This is not what you want to happen, especially considering the fact that these systems are quite costly to install.

When speaking of geothermal system maintenance, the ground loop system and polythene tubing are the components that benefit the most from this type of service. This system carries out the task of circulating the refrigerant from below ground level to the compressor that is located above ground. If installed well, this system can last for decades together. However, leaks can develop due to lack of maintenance, and that can lead to a drop in efficiency. If this happens, you need a professional to dig up the system and seal the leak. The tubing in question is usually found around ten feet below ground level, making this type of repair both invasive and costly.

The handling unit, the pump and the compressor are the other important components of a geothermal system. Just like the loop system, these components must be checked on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running smoothly. These checks must be carried out by trained professionals because there are certain problems that are too subtle for the layman to spot. In this case, having a professional geothermal company help is the way to go.

The process of maintaining these components may require component lubrication as well as tube changes. These tasks can be carried out by building owners as well but it is advisable that a professional handles it during an bi-annual or annual check of the geothermal system. To schedule an appointment today, call Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating!


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How Often Should I Have My Geothermal System Checked?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

The beauty of a geothermal system for your Potomac home is that is requires very little maintenance. They have fewer mechanical components are than other heating systems – and most of these components are underground or inside, shielded from the outdoor elements. The underground tubing usually is guaranteed to last 25-50 years and inside components are easily accessible for servicing.

Nonetheless, keeping a geothermal system working at peak efficiency is very important. If the geothermal system loses some of its efficiency, it will cost home and building owners money in energy costs, which makes little sense since geothermal system installation costs are higher than most other heating systems.

Its key component is the ground loop system, polyethelene tubing which carries refrigerant from below the Earth’s surface and back to an above-ground compressor. When installed correctly, the buried ground loop can last for decades. A leak in the metal tubing is usually the only problem if the ground loop is not installed correctly. In the case of a leak, it may be necessary to dig up the tubing – often installed at least ten feet below the surface – and repair the leak.

Other geothermal system components include its air handling unit, compressor, and pump. These components require periodic system checks by qualified professional heating and cooling technicians. Maintenance normally requires filter changes and component lubrication, to name the most common. In some cases, building owners can perform their own filter replacement and refill of lubricants. However, it is recommended that an experienced technician perform a multiple-point inspection of the geothermal system components, usually during regularly scheduled service calls.

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