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Our 12-Year Part & Labor Warranty Protects Your Heating

Monday, March 11th, 2019

You’re familiar with the phrase “The last [fill in the blank] you’ll ever need to buy.” Most of the time, those claims aren’t accurate. There’s rarely such a thing as “the last car you’ll ever need to buy,” or “the last pair of shoes you’ll ever need to buy.” Everything wears down with use and will need replacement.

However—we think we have something that comes awfully close to “the last purchase of HVAC equipment you’ll ever need.” It’s our 12-Year Part & Labor warranty combined with our Lifetime Unit replacement. Tuckers is the only contractor who offers a 12-Year warranty. You can hunt around other HVAC services in Silver Spring, MD and throughout Gaithersburg and Montgomery County, but you won’t find a better warranty than what we’re offering!

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Signs You Need a New Heater

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Replacing your home’s heating system may not be how you want to spend the first month of 2019, but if you detect the signs your heater is on its last legs, having it done as soon as possible is the best route. The winter weather is only going to get colder, and if your heater breaks down on you, it can mean a longer stretch without any heating at all—you never want that.

We want you to catch early the indications you have a heater that’s near The End. There are many different signs of a dying heater, and they’ll usually come in a cluster. Please don’t ignore these and simply hope the heater will make it through to spring!

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Heating System Replacement – Another Happy Customer!

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Replacing your heating system is a big undertaking. Not only will you have to go through the trouble and expensive of having your old system removed, but you will also have to choose your new heating system. There are many different options to pick from: different brands, different AFUE ratings (annual fuel utilization efficiency), and lots of features like programmability. And the heating system you choose you will be in your house for many years to come.

That is why you should choose a heating contractor that you trust to replace your heating system, whether it is a bolier, a furnace, or a heat pump, you want to make sure your new equipment the right choice for your home. Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you; here is what a customer in Gaithersburg wrote to us about his heating system replacement:

I would highly recommend Tuckers. Had a complete system replacement. Tuckers was the only contractor that analyzed my entire hvac system to ensure what they proposed would fit my house. Their contract was very detailed and it was easy to work with them to take necessary contract modifications that I desired. I am completely satisfied.

– Customer in Gaithersburg

If you are thinking about getting your system replaced, now is the time. Don’t wait until the middle of winter for your system to fail and leave you and your family in the cold!

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