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Replace Bad Copper Pipes With PEX

Monday, April 8th, 2019

No matter the age of a home, at some point it will need to have upgrades done on its plumbing pipes. For homes built before 1970, this could mean a complete replacement of the piping to eliminate old materials such as lead, galvanized steel, and polybutylene.

But newer homes aren’t immune to the need for professional repiping. You may notice leaking from damaged copper pipes, and the best solution to this problem is replacing the old copper with PEX.

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Our 12-Year Part & Labor Warranty Protects Your Heating

Monday, March 11th, 2019

You’re familiar with the phrase “The last [fill in the blank] you’ll ever need to buy.” Most of the time, those claims aren’t accurate. There’s rarely such a thing as “the last car you’ll ever need to buy,” or “the last pair of shoes you’ll ever need to buy.” Everything wears down with use and will need replacement.

However—we think we have something that comes awfully close to “the last purchase of HVAC equipment you’ll ever need.” It’s our 12-Year Part & Labor warranty combined with our Lifetime Unit replacement. Tuckers is the only contractor who offers a 12-Year warranty. You can hunt around other HVAC services in Silver Spring, MD and throughout Gaithersburg and Montgomery County, but you won’t find a better warranty than what we’re offering!

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Why Weird Air Conditioning Noises are Bad News

Monday, July 16th, 2018

AC-FanSummer is the time of year when you need to be most vigilant about detecting problems with your air conditioner. Preventive maintenance can keep your system fairly healthy during the high-stress summer season, but it’s not a perfect solution. Even with regular inspection and maintenance appointments, you need to keep an eye out for signs that your system is in trouble. One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not your air conditioner is in need of repairs is to listen for the system making weird noises during operation. If that starts happening, you should definitely have a technician take a look at the system for you. The following are some of the more common sounds that indicate your air conditioner is in trouble.

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One Simple Way You Might Be Killing Your Air Conditioner

Monday, June 4th, 2018

clean-air-filterAir conditioners are sturdy systems, but they can be surprisingly vulnerable to certain issues. Many homeowners are actually doing quite a bit of damage to their air conditioners by neglecting them in a number of ways. One of the easiest issues to resolve with your air conditioner is also one of the most potentially damaging. Read on to find out more about this one simple way you could be killing your air conditioner.

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Indications That Your Air Conditioner is in Trouble

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

air-conditionerBefore too long, you’re going to be using your air conditioner on a regular basis to keep your home comfortable. Along with that added usage is going to come added strain on the system, which will make it more likely for problems of various kinds to develop with it. Hopefully, you have already scheduled preventive maintenance for your air conditioner to resolve any preexisting problems with the system. Even if you have, though, you still need to keep an eye out for signs that your air conditioner is malfunctioning in some way.

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Warning Signs That You Have Leaky Pipes

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

If you’re not a professional plumber, you are probably not able to pinpoint the source of a leak anywhere along your intricate home plumbing system. However, it’s important for homeowners to know the warning signs of leaky pipes so they can call for plumbing repair at the first sign of damage. Here are some of the common ways you can tell whether there is a leak in your home.

  • Pooling Water: Perhaps the most obvious sign of a leaky pipe is pooling water, but it’s vital to know that pooling water may indicate a serious problem. Only a certified plumber can locate and repair the leak and find out whether damage has extended to other areas of the pipes.
  • Low Water Pressure: When you need a hot shower, you expect a certain amount of water pressure when you turn on the tap. Unusually low water pressure is not just an inconvenience. Your water supply is pressurized so that it can flow freely from faucets, so this problem may indicate a leak in the pipes that prevents water from reaching your showerhead quickly enough.
  • High Water Bills: Even the smallest of leaks can have an impact on your water bills. If you notice a spike in your water usage, you may have a hidden leak somewhere in your system.
  • Odors: A musty, moldy smell may also me a sign that water has leaked into your home. In this case, it may be a difficult and unpleasant experience for the average homeowner to locate the source of the problem, so call a plumber to find the exact location.

Water leaks can cause serious problems for your plumbing, your home, and your health. Leaks may damage the structure of your home, allow for the growth of harmful mold and mildew, or lead to more costly plumbing repairs if left alone for too long. If you have a leak anywhere in your home, you need to call a professional as soon as possible. When you need plumbing repair in Silver Spring, the people at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing can find and repair leaks to get your plumbing back to normal. Call us today!

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Common Causes of Bathroom Sink and Shower Clogs

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Sink and shower clogs are an unfortunate reality of daily life. Everyone has, at one time or another, needed to deal with the nuisance of a slow drain in a bathtub or a sink that won’t drain at all. Sometimes a basic sink plunger will take care of this problem. At other times, you will need to call in a professional plumber to use a drain snake or hydro-jetter to clear out an obstinate clog.

(By the way, never use chemical drain cleaners on sink or shower clogs. The acidic action of these chemicals is damaging for drainpipes.)

When you need a tough clog eliminated so you can have your shower, bathtub, or sink back in working condition, call Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for bathroom plumbing service in Silver Spring, MD. Our skilled plumbers will be out to your house and have the trouble fixed in no time at all.

Here Are Common Reasons for Bathroom Fixture Clogs

  • Hair: It’s hard to stop hair from going down a bathroom drain, although a drain cover will help. Hair that goes down a drain will get stuck in the sludge that collects in the p-trap (the curve in the pipe under the sink). This will eventually build up into a solid plug.
  • Soap scum: Here’s another material that you will have a hard time keeping from flowing down your drains (again, a drain guard of some type will slow down the amount that enters). Soap scum will start to accumulate along the pipe lining, and not only will this lead to clogging, but it can also cause an acidic reaction that will damage the pipes.
  • Small objects: Be cautious of the items that you place on the ledge of your sink or on the lip of the shower. Small, seemingly unobtrusive items like the caps of bottles can fall into the drain and become lodged there. These are often difficult to remove, and plumbers may have to detach the pipes to clear them. (If the item lodge in the pipe is also valuable, you should definitely call a plumber to retrieve it.)

If you have trouble with clogs on a regular basis, consider calling for drain maintenance. Plumbers will provide your drainpipes with a thorough cleansing that will reduce the occurrence of clogs. Keeping up with regular drain maintenance for your bathroom plumbing in Silver Spring, MD will mean fewer repair hassles in the future and a more pleasant bathroom in general.

Call Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for all of your household plumbing service needs in Silver Spring.

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Water Quality and Plumbing Issues in Silver Spring

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Your water quality is an important part of living healthy and well inside your home. You want to have the best quality water flowing from your faucets and showerheads. But you also need clean water for your appliances as well—water quality isn’t only an issue with your health, it can also damage your plumbing and devices such as your washing machine and laundry. Lower quality water often means a need for plumbing repairs.

We’ll explain how your water quality affects your plumbing in Silver Spring, MD. If you need repairs done on any part of you plumbing, contact Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating, where we also specialize in plumbing repair.

How water quality affects your plumbing

The major threat to the health of your plumbing and fixtures is hard water. Hard water means water with a high level of minerals suspended in it. The most common minerals are magnesium and calcium. Fortunately, hard water is rarely dangerous for you to drink (although it will affect the taste of the water). But it is bad news for your plumbing.

Hard water leaves calcite deposits on the inside of pipes and along the edges of drains and faucets. If you notice a white or yellowish hard substance appearing along your fixtures, it’s likely calcite from hard water. The great threat this poses is reducing the space inside the pipes. As calcite buildup restricts the water flow, it will cause the water pressure to grow—leading to leaks and eventually to burst pipes. You will find yourself making numerous plumbing repair calls if you have hard water. There are treatment systems designed to remove the minerals of hard water and balance your water supply with salt, “softening” it.

Another trouble you may encounter with your plumbing because of water quality is high corrosivity. All water is somewhat corrosive, but with low pH levels and alkalinity, water can begin to cause serious corrosion in pipes. If you notice a blue-green stain on sinks and showers, then you likely have highly corrosive water, and it will cause your plumbing to age rapidly. Unlike hard water, this can also pose a risk to your health as well. Water treatment systems can reduce water corrosivity.

Call in plumbing experts

If you have concerns about your water quality, have professional plumbers test your water and inspect your pipes to see where there might be issues. Plumbers making repairs from damage due to hard water or corrosivity will be able to identify the source of the trouble and suggest solutions. Contact Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating for effective work on your plumbing in Silver Spring, MD.

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Air Conditioning Repair Needs: Uneven Outdoor Units

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Have you ever wondered why your outdoor air conditioning unit rests on a concrete slab? It’s not just to keep it out of the dirt. It’s to ensure that the unit is resting on a level surface in order to do its job. If the outdoor unit isn’t level – if the slab is uneven or the unit is tilted at an angle – then it could cause problems: possibly leaving you without a reliable air conditioning system during those hot summer days in Silver Spring.

An uneven outdoor unit can arise when the ground settles under the foundation, or if the initial installation was faulty in some way. The problems from this condition are twofold. The first is that it places additional strain on the lines and coils in the unit, increasing wear and tear and running the risk of a leak or a rupture. Over time, this can have severe repercussions on the unit, necessitating significant repairs.

The second problem occurs when water puddles around the unit thanks to uneven ground. If he water gets into the system it can cause a short, as well as resulting in unpleasant odors and corrosion of metal components. A level foundation prevents pooling, and the placement of the unit may affect this process as well.

Correcting the issue involves making the outdoor unit level again, which can involve either resetting the concrete foundation, or adjusting the unit itself to stand level. The specifics vary by circumstance, but usually require the services of a professional to properly diagnose. A trained air conditioning service expert can ascertain the impact on your outdoor unit, the steps that need to be taken to fix it and he best way to implement those steps. He can also determine if the problem lies in the ground itself, and possibly suggest an alternative placement for your air conditioner to fix the issue.

If you’re looking for advice on dealing with an uneven outdoor unit, the technicians at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating can help. We’ve provided reliable service to homeowners throughout the Silver Spring area, and can provide advice and expertise on the proper solution to the problem. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Simple Changes to Keep Your AC Working Right

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Occasional problems with your air conditioning system are to be expected. No AC is perfect. That being said, a some of the service calls we receive for  air conditioning repairs could have been avoided with some simple changes to usage habits. A lot of North Potomac, MD homeowners fail to realize that the way in which they use their air conditioning system, or misuse it, are actually doing harm to the system. The air conditioning repair pros at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating have some advice for you about how to get the most consistent, reliable performance possible from your AC. Make these simple changes and get the cooling performance that you need this summer.

One way in which homeowners put their air conditioner at risk is by not changing their air filter regularly. You must understand that your air conditioner may be operational while still suffering from issues which can lead to serious problems. A dirty air filter may not cause your AC to break down right away, but it will force it to work harder in order to compensate for the increased airflow resistance caused by the dirty filter. Plus, the dirt and debris that may bypass a dirty filter can accumulate on the inner components of your HVAC system, reducing efficiency and the effectiveness with which it cools your home.

Another way in which you can keep your air conditioning system operating properly is simply to pick up the phone and schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. There are a number of different components within your air conditioning system, and if any of these components are compromised then your system as a whole will suffer. Any problems with a lack of lubrication, faulty electrical contacts or even tears and dirt in your air ducts can lead to a subpar air conditioning performance. Keep up with routine maintenance to keep your AC in great working condition.

For more information about ways in which you can keep your AC operating properly, just call the  air conditioning repair technicians on our team. We have the training and experience necessary to keep your North Potomac, MD home cool consistently and efficiently. Call now to schedule service.

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