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Heat Pumps in Gaithersburg, MD

For many homeowners, it’s important not only that their homes be comfortable and convenient, but also that they heat and cool in an efficient manner in order to keep expenses to a minimum. As a leading provider of HVAC products and services in the greater Gaithersburg, MD area, we offer our customers a lot of different options, including heat pumps. As a year-round heating and cooling system, a heat pump may be exactly what your home needs to maximize comfort without sacrificing efficiency. Contact our friendly technicians today.

We offer quality heat pumps and provide professional heat pump service in Gaithersburg, MD. Call Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.

What is a Heat Pump System?

A heat pump works much like a conventional central air unit in that it circulates refrigerant throughout various stages of compression and decompression in order to absorb thermal energy from one location and send it to another. While an AC does this during the summer months to cool your home, a heat pump has a reversing valve that allows it to reverse the flow of refrigerant, and thereby bring heat into your home during the winter.

Signs that Your Heat Pump System Needs Service

Every heat pump system will require professional assistance at some point. It’s vital that your equipment be given the attention it needs when necessary. We offer exceptional heat pump system services well beyond new installations. We can have your system back up and running in no time at all. While you can count on us to do the work, it’s imperative that you remain vigilant about the functionality and efficiency of your heat pump. If you notice that it’s making a strange or unusually loud noise, or it fails to heat and cool your household evenly, then you need our assistance. We’ll be right over to provide you with a lasting solution. The heat pump services we offer in Gaithersburg, MD include:

Heat Pump Installation

If you think that a heat pump might be right for you, then just let us know. Our heat pump installation service is excellent, and we spare no effort at making certain that our customers have systems that are appropriately sized and budget–conscious. We can answer any questions that you might have.

Heat Pump Replacement

There’s nothing worse than an ailing HVAC system that can no longer keep up with your heating and cooling needs. If the time is right for heat pump replacement, we’ll tell you after a comprehensive evaluation of your system. You need only get in touch with our technicians today.

Heat Pump Repair

Every heat pump will encounter problems at some time or another. If you want to make sure that your system is restored to great working condition, then get in touch with our team of professional technicians. We offer excellent heat pump repair services and we can bring your system back to life.

Heat Pump Maintenance

To get the most from your heat pump, it’s critical that you have it regularly inspected, cleaned and tuned–up. We can make sure that your heat pump maintenance service is comprehensive so that you gain the many benefits of these types of systems. For heat pump services in Gaithersburg, MD.