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Serving Washington D.C., Montgomery & Frederick Counties


Serving Washington D.C., Montgomery & Frederick Counties



Energy Recovery Ventilators in Frederick, MD

Serving Montgomery & Frederick County

One of the biggest problems faced by the modern homeowner is ventilation and energy costs. Today’s homes are sealed up tightly against air loss and rightfully so. Without the insulation and weather stripping you have installed in your home, the cost of operating an air conditioner or heating system would be extremely high. However, at the same time, there are a lot of problems that can develop as a result of this extra insulation.

Indoor air quality is at the top of the list. Without proper ventilation, your home becomes a box of stale air. Even with a high MERV filtration system, that air isn’t very pleasant. That’s where a energy recovery ventilator comes in and why you should call Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for all your heating and cooling needs.

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How an Energy Recovery Ventilator Works

An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, is a system that transfers heat and humidity between indoor and outdoor air. The system is actually very simple in concept. Instead of blowing air outside with a fan and venting new air inside as you would in most homes, an ERV actively transfers air between the inside and outside of your home.

However, during that transfer process, the ERV uses a heat exchanger to pass heat from one air flow to the other. So, in the winter heat from inside the home is transferred to the new air coming in and in the summer, heat is transferred to exiting air to keep it outside. This process uses very little electricity but ensures your heating and cooling system don’t need to compensate for the new air being vented into your home – a major problem for most homes.

Installation of an Energy Recover Ventilators

Energy recovery ventilators are particularly effective because they also transfer humidity between one environment and another, ensuring your air conditioner isn’t forced to run when there is no cooling need. They are also very easy to install and can be maintained with a single visit each year, usually done at the same time as the rest of your home heating and cooling system, either in the spring or fall.

Once you have an ERV installed, the savings gained are between 5% and 15% of your regular heating and cooling costs and because the installation process is so simple and the device relatively affordable, it is a fantastic upgrade.

More importantly, it ensures your indoor air is fresh without costing you more money. The days of having to choose between fresh air being allowed into your home and having an affordable energy bill are finally over – something many homeowners are excited to have.

If you are ready to learn how an energy recovery ventilator can save you money, now is the time to call Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We will discuss with you all of your ventilation and air quality options and help you select the perfect ERV solution for your home.